Mondays call for Coffee…

This crisp Monday morning inspired me to try a new coffee. I bought this (in photo) last night from TJ Maxx and I have to say, it’s delicious!

Sometimes products don’t always get their descriptions right, but this coffee truly is smooth, buttery with hints of macadamia and chocolate notes.

I may be one of the “worst” coffee drinkers out there, as I enjoy my cups with 1/2 coffee and 1/2 2% milk. I did try it black just to ensure I did not “dilute” the flavor… and definitely… this brand is very smooth without milk. I was tempted to switch up my bad habbit and ditch the milk, but I couldn’t resist pouring it in until it turned a light caramel color. As a winemaker, you’d think I would enjoy my coffee black, but some habits you just can’t break!

I prefer to support local coffee houses rather than buy products like this from TJMaxx, but when I picked up the bag in the market to smell it, I instantly was hooked! I had to look over my shoulder out of guilt, because 15 minutes earlier I ran into a good friend and owner of Stonefruit coffee in the home decor aisle. So once the coast was clear, I snatched the bag and ran to the check out counter. (Stonefuit coffee is absolutely amazing, so if you’re in Boardman, Ohio you must try it!)

Monday mornings are a little “sweeter” when you take a risk to treat yourself with even something as simple as a cup of joe!

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Daily Kona Blend

Sourced from TJMaxx Boardman, Ohio