“RedHeaded Vampire” Wine-Cocktail Recipe

If you’re like me, you are trying to prepare for halloween last minute but act like you’ve been planning your costumes, party menu and house decorations since September….

I whipped up a last minute costume last night (stay tuned) but also created a fun, easy and SIMPLE red wine cocktail.

Personally, I love fancy drinks that have unique and complicated ingredients when I go out to bars, but when I have to make them myself I want to be a mixologist with what I have available!

Try this simple RedHeaded Vampire Wine Cocktail recipe to impress your guests….or yourself… with something so simple, yet so delicious!

If you try this recipe, share your thoughts and photos with me on twitter, instagram and facebook by tagging @RedHeadWine. CHEERS! – Marisa

RedHeaded Vampire Recipe by winemaker, Marisa

RedHeaded Vampire Recipe by winemaker, Marisa