Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day

Photos of my recent visit to a small creamery out in Petaluma, California.

Photos of my recent visit to a small creamery out in Petaluma, California.

All foodies sound the alarms, sharpen your knives, and dust off your cutting board, today is National Cheese Lover’s Day and it’ll be a crime not to celebrate! Wine’s perfect marriage is a well-done meat and cheese board, and I have a long resume decorated with cheesy experience, pun intended. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a simple guide to help jump-start your party.

  1. Dare to buy beyond cheddar.

Trust me, I am guilty as charged! Sometimes I am busy and bee line through the grocery store grabbing my go-tos and do not think outside the box. More often than not, I grab a block of white cheddar and call it a day. But, in order to indulge and explore the cheesy flavors of life, we need to buy cheeses other than those in the cheddar category. Most grocery stores have a decent cheese section. If you have absolutely no idea about what to chose, buy with your eyes! What looks good? What names sound appealing? Just go with your gut and buy small samples of each. Most cheese counters have various sizes of the same type of cheese. You can invest in your experience without completely breaking the bank. Artisan cheeses can be pricey, but the way I see it, I like to invest my money in food and experiences. We are what we eat, you know! 😉

Anatomy of a cheese board, photo credit, google (LOL)

Anatomy of a cheese board, photo credit, google (LOL)

2. Not fond of a messy kitchen? Go grab Fondue!

I am a sucker for The Melting Pot. If you’re close to a major city, they usually have a location. They have amazing cheese fondue selections and eating here will make National Cheese Lover’s day a very memorable and delicious experience. I’ve made homemade fondue before (this requires a double boiler and a lot of patience) but, going out to the Melting Pot can help avoid the mess! But, if you’re feeling adventurous, here is an “easy” recipe for house-made fondue.


3. Don’t have any cheese on hand? Learn how cheese is made, instead!

I absolutely love learning new things. Although it is great to learn while enjoying a snack, you may be snowed in right now (like most of the Northeast) and are most likely unable to grab the cheese this day (and yourself) deserves. (But that’s ok!) you can still celebrate this amazing holiday thanks to technology, but in a different way….Here is a great video on how cheese is made!

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Cheers! – Winemaker, Marisa