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Youngstown Woman Thrives with RedHead Wines
By Alexa Maslowski Ohio
PUBLISHED 10:09 AM ET Oct. 21, 2019

LOWELLVILLE, Ohio —Marisa Sergi says, for her family, winemaking is a tradition.

Youngstown native Marisa Sergi launched her wine company at just 23 years old
The 26-year-old is traveling around the state to promote her signature red blend and rose
She produces her wine out of her family winery, Luva Bella, just outside Youngstown
“I remember so many family members and friends coming over during harvest season, which is now in the fall, making wine just for the household, and it’s so much fun tasting the fresh grape juice right out of the press and I thought, I wanna grow up to be a winemaker,” said Sergi.

She went to Cornell University for viticulture and enology and when she graduated, she started making her own wines.

“So, I thought, oh, I’m a redhead, redheads are sweet and spicy, maybe I can create a redhead label that plays with the flavor profile of varietals that are also sweet and spicy… was more of a show for a passion project for lack of terms, and I turned it into something. Now that’s shared in over 1,500 stores in the tri-state area,” said Sergi.

Today, the 26-year-old is traveling around the state to promote her red blend and rose.

She produces her wine out of her family winery, Luva Bella, just outside Youngstown.

She says she hopes to set an example for residents in the area.

“I think right now, especially with GM Lordstown and Northside Hospital and all kinds of other larger industry is closing, especially in the Northeast Ohio area, we are kind of that underdog right now, but this area so strong that we can really rise above the ashes and try to be creative, because when you’re not on the radar and kind of putting your head down and trying to make the best of your circumstances, really great things could happen,” said Sergi.

She hopes to one day sell in stores across the country, but says doing it right locally is what’s most important.

“The biggest focus I have for red head wine is always the quality of my customers. I’m trying to do my best every year to source the best grapes from California, to infuse it in the next year’s vintage, and really keep on producing something that my customers expect,” said Sergi.

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