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#9 – Marisa Sergi is the CEO and Founder of RedHead Wine.

She started RedHead while at Cornell in their incubation program and has since brought her brand to many stores including Wal-Mart! We discuss startups, incubation programs, food, cheese, and of course, wine.

Marisa provides great insight to wine and the industry as a whole. LinkedIn: TikTok: @marisasergi Facebook: Instagram: @redheadwine –

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Show Notes:

Background (1:30)

Career and College (7:14)

Earning Support Early On (8:55)

Getting Into the Wine Industry (13:11)

Meeting GaryVee (15:42)

Who and How to Hire (22:27)

Biggest Obstacles (26:56)

Marketing (31:09)

Where to Get RedHead (37:12)

Seeing Your Product in Stores (38:56)

Final Questions (40:48)

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