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Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day

Photos of my recent visit to a small creamery out in Petaluma, California. All foodies sound the alarms, sharpen your knives, and dust off your cutting board, today is National Cheese Lover’s Day and it’ll be a crime not to celebrate! Wine’s perfect marriage is a well-done meat and cheese board, and I have a […]

My adventure to the West Coast: Day one in San Francisco

As a winemaker, I like to venture to the west coast as often as possible. California was once my home: I have missed In n’ Out Burger, my freinds and, of course, wine country. My sister, Michelle, had an interview for residency (post-med school graduation) at Stanford’s Children’s Hospital, so of course, I volunteered to […]

Pumpkin Sweet n’ Spice Wine Spritzer

I don’t know about you….but… the holidays put me in a very special and festive mood to want to imbibe a little extra. What I mean by extra is making my drinks extra (if you know what I mean hehehe). So, this is my fast and easy Pumpkin Sweet n’ Spiced Wine Spritzer that I”ll […]

How to Deal with Internet Trolls

“Posting on social media about my journey building RedHead Wine can mostly look fun and exciting, but I’ve decided to showcase some of the other sides of running a business. This is me opening up about some of the other moments that are harder to share. I am empowered to have found “a voice” when […]

How to Survive Speaking to a few hundred People

Here, I blogged about my first time speaking in front of a large group when I first started working for RedHead full-time! “I’ve come a really long way from junior high. In those days, I was introverted because of others making fun of my red hair, freckles and voting me out of the group lunch […]