How to Deal with Internet Trolls

"Posting on social media about my journey building RedHead Wine can mostly look fun and exciting, but I've decided to showcase some of the other sides of running a business. This is me opening up about some of the other moments that are harder to share. I am empowered to have found "a voice" when it comes to dealing with negativity on social media. Feel free to read / share this article - I hope you like it or learn something! This article is just my feel free to comment below your thoughts / suggestions! Cheers - Marisa"

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How to Survive Speaking to a few hundred People

Here, I blogged about my first time speaking in front of a large group when I first started working for RedHead full-time! "I’ve come a really long way from junior high. In those days, I was introverted because of others making fun of my red hair, freckles and voting me out of the group lunch table, twice. I hid in my room in my white fuzzy robe avoiding any socialization. I had no confidence and was depressed as I struggled with awkwardly trying to interact with others." Click to read more:

How an Email About Free Food Led Me to Becoming Self-Employed

I was guilty of being irresponsible. I found myself scrolling aimlessly through all of my social media apps during a Grapes to Wines lecture my junior year at Cornell University. I was not paying attention because instagram was calling my name this particular day (who am I kidding, it always calls my name).