How to Survive Speaking to a few hundred People

Here, I blogged about my first time speaking in front of a large group when I first started working for RedHead full-time! "I’ve come a really long way from junior high. In those days, I was introverted because of others making fun of my red hair, freckles and voting me out of the group lunch table, twice. I hid in my room in my white fuzzy robe avoiding any socialization. I had no confidence and was depressed as I struggled with awkwardly trying to interact with others." Click to read more:

How an Email About Free Food Led Me to Becoming Self-Employed

I was guilty of being irresponsible. I found myself scrolling aimlessly through all of my social media apps during a Grapes to Wines lecture my junior year at Cornell University. I was not paying attention because instagram was calling my name this particular day (who am I kidding, it always calls my name).