I got to speak at Walmart HQ! Read and watch my thoughts..

Out of the thousands of suppliers that Walmart has, they picked ME..a small town girl from Ohio to be their “lead supplier” at the 2019 Open Call event this year.

I believe I was asked because over the last 2 years working with them I..

  1. always went the extra mile - if I needed to drive 4 hours to help a store manager with my products, I was there.

  2. I problem solved - I didn’t have a million dollar budget like my competition so I got CREATIVE and pushed the limits on social media to spread the word.

  3. Walmart asked me to speak at a mini corporate event in Columbus & say a few words - I didn’t “wing” it. I wrote a 3 minute impactful speech. thanks to Derrick McDowell for the help!

  4. When I walked into a store, I acted like it was my business - I treated each associate with respect, asked how I can help and improve customer service for them and my customers who buy RedHead Wine

If you have a mindset that you will absolutely do what it takes to succeed, great things will happen. This is a highlight of my speech with the CMO. Instead of using the spotlight to talk about me, I used it to highlight my hometown and the impact you can have as a growing small business. Be kind today everyone! Push yourself and great things will happen 💞