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Today, August 28th 2020, is National Red Wine Day! This is one of our favorite holidays of the year – for obvious reasons! – and enjoyed kicking off the day with Andrew DiPaolo of 21 WFMJ! Read more

Weekly Crush: Marisa Sergi, the millennial making waves in the US wine industry

Thank you to Cellr for featuring our winemaker in their Humans of Wine Blog!

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Marisa Sergi — How to Uncork Your Passion & Start a Wine Business | Ep. 82

Marisa Sergi is a third-generation winemaker and the force behind her company, RedHead Wine. Marisa grew up in the business and soon found it to be her full-time passion. Her secret to unlocking the magic of a wine lies in the deep involvement of the winemaker. RedHead Wine has successfully expanded to Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and will soon be in Kentucky and Virginia. Today, Marisa has reached a global spotlight with recognition by media outlets such as Success Magazine, and has spoken for organizations such as Walmart.

Diary of a Startup Goddess: Marisa Sergi, CEO of RedHead Wine

“Success” is a word that has countless meanings and exerts an individualized emotive. More often than not, success in the business world is part of the machismo culture. However, when a woman steps into that world, she defies expectation, overcomes obstacles, and shatters the patriarchy.

For a woman, the struggles of creating her own business may seem amplified and tiresome, inducing a sense of hopelessness. ink.mdc created this blog series, “Diary of a Startup Goddess”, because just one story can uplift any woman from such disillusionment. We’ve invited businesswomen, who have broken the glass ceiling who have redefined entrepreneurship, to tell their story because we want to encourage other women to pursue their passions. Join us each month for one of these incredible stories!”……

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““We’ll also be implementing innovative partnerships and plan to hire six to 15 more people in the next three to five years,” she said. “We are willing to bet on ourselves, our team, and our community despite the challenging current environment. We believe we can build a bright and prosperous future for our company and our employees by continuing to produce great products and to go above and beyond to make our customers happy.”

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Canopy Cast Podcast Interviews our Winemaker

Check out Marisa’s most recent interview thanks to Canopy Cast!

Episode link:

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0QzZGdHPYGhlk73dNYlxle
Episode Description

#9 – Marisa Sergi is the CEO and Founder of RedHead Wine.

She started RedHead while at Cornell in their incubation program and has since brought her brand to many stores including Wal-Mart! We discuss startups, incubation programs, food, cheese, and of course, wine.

Marisa provides great insight to wine and the industry as a whole. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marisasergi/ TikTok: @marisasergi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redheadwine/ Instagram: @redheadwine – https://www.instagram.com/redheadwine/

Episode Sponsor: RedHead Wine – https://redheadwine.us

Show Notes:

Background (1:30)

Career and College (7:14)

Earning Support Early On (8:55)

Getting Into the Wine Industry (13:11)

Meeting GaryVee (15:42)

Who and How to Hire (22:27)

Biggest Obstacles (26:56)

Marketing (31:09)

Where to Get RedHead (37:12)

Seeing Your Product in Stores (38:56)

Final Questions (40:48)

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Episode 10: Marisa Sergi My 5 Senses Experience Podcast

The Five Senses Journey Podcast

Link to podcast episode: https://5sensesjourney.buzzsprout.com/895471/3783803-marisa-redhead-wines-for-life-s-sweet-and-spicy-moments

Link to podcast episode: https://5sensesjourney.buzzsprout.com/895471/3783803-marisa-redhead-wines-for-life-s-sweet-and-spicy-moments

RedHead CEO, Partner Buy L’uva Bella Winery

“POLAND TOWNSHIP, Ohio – L’uva Bella Winery has a new owner, but the business is staying in the family.

S’quared Holdings recently closed on the purchase of the wine products company. The investment fund is jointly owned by Marisa Sergi, CEO and winemaker of RedHead Brands, and Evan Schumann, an entrepreneur and fifth-generation whose family owns Bedford-based metal refinery I. Schumann & Co.

Sergi’s father, Frank, started L’uva Bella 15 years ago.

In addition to producing RedHead, L’uva Bella makes wines for bulk distribution, private label and retail channels, and manufacturers and distributes juices for both winemaking and other uses.

According to Schumann, it is the largest wine-making operation in Ohio and one of the largest producers of juice on the East Coast. The wines and juices are produced from grapes purchased from distributors in California, Pennsylvania and New York, Sergi says.

The partners pointed to several trends that supported their decision to acquire the winery, including market research showing U.S. sales of alcoholic beverages rose 55% during the week of March 21 and a 243% increase in online alcohol sales.

Thursday was the first day under the company’s new ownership.

“It felt really great,” says Sergi, a third-generation winemaker. “It felt like I’m finally able to find a path to succeed and be able to take control of my own destiny, and help create a company that benefits not only my personal professional goals but also the community.”

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