Cleveland Plain Dealer showcases growth of RedHead Wine / Brands

""Marisa Sergi, a third-generation winemaker, studied wine in college and then, three years ago, started RedHead Wine. It’s one of Ohio’s fastest-growing wine firms." - George Rodrigue, Plain Dealer

Our winemaker has been nominated to be recognized as a "homegrown hero" Congrats!

RedHead Wine is One of the most Successful Businesses from the WE Launch Program

"One of the most successful alumnae of the program – at least in terms of her product’s reach – is Marisa Sergi, founder and winemaker of RedHead Brands LLC, winner of the $5,000 grant for WE Launch’s fall 2016 cohort.

Sergi had just moved back to the Mahoning Valley when she learned about WE Launch on Instagram. She was still in the early stages of launching Redhead and it was in about 100 stores at that point.

Today, Redhead is in 1,500 stores in the tri-state area, including about 150 Walmarts, having been selected to participate in the retail giant’s Investing in American Jobs initiative in 2017. The company is also preparing to launch its third wine, a sweet rosé, and is in conversations to expand to Kentucky and Tennessee. "

PBS Cleveland / Idea Stream features RedHead Wine - Video

"FAMILY TRADITION: Redhead Wines is an offshoot of the third-generation winery, L'uva Bella, located outside Youngstown. Owner Marisa Sergi studied winemaking at Cornell University and was determined to make a name for herself in the wine industry.

"I decided why not make a label based on being a redhead. Kind of embracing your inner sassiness," Sergi said.

She founded the brand when she was 19 years old.

BEST TIME OF THE YEAR: "We're a California-style winery," Sergi said.

Redhead purchases all of their grapes from California and presses them in house.

"I think the best part of being a winemaker is working harvest," Sergi said. "It's a little messy. Your hands might turn purple or you might get sprayed in the face with wine that isn't degassed properly. But it's all worth it."

SEIZING THE MOMENT: Sergi said being a young female in a profession typically dominated by older males comes with challenges, but she embraces being a wildcard.

"A lot of people might assume I might not be educated or don't know what I'm doing," Sergi said. "I think I'm a wine distribution expert now. And I really know food science and winemaking. It's really cool to be that wildcard. It's hard to forget a redhead, so I have that advantage."

THE FUTURE LOOKS GRAPE: Sergi has relocated to Cleveland to be closer to her distributers and has focused on expanding Redhead's regional reach.

"Definitely would love to see our wines distributed around the country, but for me, I like to take it one step at a time," Sergi said. Redhead currently distributes throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Sergi expects to have her wine in Kentucky and Tennessee in 2020. "

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Harmon Brothers: From Poop to Gold Podcast ft. Marisa Sergi

From Poop to Gold Podcast - by the Harmon Brothers

Benton Crane, of the Harmon Brothers, interviewed our winemaker, Marisa, while they were both at Skysprout summit in Columbus, Ohio. Take a listen to learn about what it takes to build a wine company and much more!

Link to listen:

***Side note - if you listen in….we did hire a new full-time winemaker to help team redhead! Crisis averted :)

Tag Team Up Podcast -

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"On today’s show, Marisa Sergi from RedHead Wine shares her story on how she has built a successful wine brand at the age of 19!

Sit back, open up a bottle 🍷, and listen as Marisa shares her incredible story.

After just 6 years from starting her wine label “RedHead Wine,” Marisa has worked hard and created an impressive path to success. She was recently featured as a guest speaker at Sky Sprout Summit and she was also invited to speak at Wal-Mart’s Open Call annual event!

On today’s show, Marisa shares about the challenges of marketing in a crowded food & beverage space where the competition is fierce. She shares her secrets on keeping her brand top of mind for her distributors and retailers.

Marisa has built an incredible following on multiple social media platforms. She shares about how integrity, honesty, and authenticity can have a tremendously powerful impact when sharing your story on social media.

Marisa’s skyrocketing success doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Because of her work ethic and how she always goes the extra mile for her distributors and retailers she was able to dramatically expand her local business, hire new people and get into even more markets than before. Her story is one to keep tabs on FOR SURE!"

Our American Network interviews our winemaker

One American Network's, Alex Cortes, interviewed our winemaker, Marisa Sergi, at Walmart Home office during their 6th Annual Open Call event. Take a listen to Marisa's sweet and spicy winemaking journey! Link to episode here:

Winemaker, Marisa, speaking at Walmart Home Office June 2019

Winemaker, Marisa, speaking at Walmart Home Office June 2019

Avina Wine Tools - Podcast Episode ft. Marisa Sergi

The Avina Podcast is a show where we talk to interesting people in the wine industry including winery owners, wine retailers, wine industry decision makers, and more.

Whenever we hear about a 25-year old who owns a wine brand, makes her own wine, who has just signed a new deal to stock her products at Walmart then we get excited. And we know you do too..!

That is why we invited Marisa Sergi, founder and CEO of RedHead Wine, to our wine business podcast. Listen in to hear more about her fascinating background as a 3rd generation wine maker, her takes on currently hot wine industry topics, and what she has learned from being in the wine industry.

For more go to or And to make sure you wont miss the next episode subscribe now and we’ll see you next week!

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RedHead Wine Expands Distribution in OH with Heidelberg Distribution

“What started as an idea for wine in 2013 has turned into a bona fide business. Now, the young woman behind RedHead Brands LLC is seeing so much success that she’s planning a massive expansion.

Not long after graduating from Lowellville High School, Marisa Sergi came up with the idea for ReadHead wine when she was studying winemaking at Cornell University….” Watch more at the link above

RedHead CEO Marisa Sergi has the potential to be the largest wine producer in Ohio - WKBN

"RedHead CEO Marisa Sergi has the potential to be the largest wine producer in Ohio.

“I would absolutely love to be in 10 to 15 states distributing several items including the RedHead Red Blend, the Purple Rain line and of course our Passion line. But, I understand that the plans don’t always come to fruition, you have to go down the path that makes sense for your business. But actually, I would love to be national,” she said."

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L'uva Bella Winery is Expanding

"The retail success of L’uva Bella Winery & Bistro, as well as its RedHead Wine product line, is driving the company to expand its production and warehousing space.

The company is still determining the scope of the expansion project, but expects the cost to be at least $1 million, depending on opportunities to increase its retail footprint, says Marisa Sergi, chief operating officer for L’uva Bella and CEO/winemaker for the RedHead brand. The company currently distributes to some 600 locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and is exploring opportunities in Kentucky and Tennessee."

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