Shop Local: Winemaker Gets Foothold at Walmart

LOWELLVILLE, Ohio – Marisa Sergi, founder and CEO of RedHead Brands LLC, 6597 Center Road, Lowellville, is a new entrepreneur who is taking her product to the world’s largest retailer.

Walmart, which selected RedHead as part of its Investing in American Jobs Initiative, began stocking Sergi’s RedHead wines about a month ago in 40 of its stores in Ohio.

The list of stores and retail chains where RedHead is sold also includes Giant Eagle, Rulli Brothers and Sparkle. “Walmart’s a great opportunity but I don’t want to completely neglect my other customers, too,” Sergi says.


Listen: Radio Personality Rho D. Rho Uncovers How Marisa became a Young Winemaker

"You don't typically use the words 'love affair' or 'wine' when speaking of a 5-year old. But that's when this 3rd generation wine maker discovered her dream. Now, Marisa Sergi's products are in over 400 stores; including #walmart."

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Meet Future Wine Industry Superstar Marisa Sergi of RedHead Wine

"In this interview, we’re honored to feature Marisa Sergi. If you don’t know her or her brand yet, take note of this day, you will! We have a literal brand superstar in the making in today’s interview. She far too humble to share that kind of statement or tone in public discourse but take our word for it. This young CEO is dynamic, smart, savvy, and experiencing progress that lays the groundwork for literal global exposure. She’s a Cornell Grad who knows the science of wine making, the business of wine making, and the all important relationship building of the wine industry. In addition to the academic credits, her schedule embodies a CEO willing to pay the high price of time spent in endlessly educating the public on the brand and the wine. Let’s get started!....."

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Lowellville Winemaker Now Found at Walmart - WFMJ

"Sometimes people who are redheads get teased and bullied but one local redhead is embracing her look and it could make her a fortune!

A local entrepreneur and winemaker now has her product front and center in a place where most people shop.

If you want to sell your product you might want it on the shelves of the world's largest retailer. Lowellville wine maker, Marisa Sergi, did just that."

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How to Survive Speaking to a Large Group of People

Here, I blogged about my first time speaking in front of a large group when I first started working for RedHead full-time! "I’ve come a really long way from junior high. In those days, I was introverted because of others making fun of my red hair, freckles and voting me out of the group lunch table, twice. I hid in my room in my white fuzzy robe avoiding any socialization. I had no confidence and was depressed as I struggled with awkwardly trying to interact with others." Read more: