Find RedHead Wine in at Warren Ohio's new winery

“We are motivated to share good wine and good times with people in northeastern Ohio and be able to jumpstart new opportunities as well as unique events for our community,” said Marisa Sergi, chief financial officer at L’uva Bella, and CEO/winemaker for her Redhead Brands wines, which will be offered at CharBenay’s. “We want to do everything that we can to make sure businesses are successful, especially with all the closings we have had and job loss in the area.”

Additionally, the partnership will provide an opportunity to expose the L’uva Bella and Redhead wines to consumers who have been curious about them. “With Warren being 40 minutes away form L’uva Bella, we will be able to have people who have wanted to come but haven’t had the chance,” she said.

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Join us on the Mahoning Valley Wine Trail

"L’uva Bella owners joined the wine trail this year because they saw how wineries came together to promote the local industry “and we wanted to be part of that,” said Marisa Sergi, chief financial officer at L’uva Bella, and CEO and winemaker for RedHead Wine. The third-generation winemaker’s father, Frank Sergi, founded L’uva Bella in 2001.

The wine trail is a boon to the area because it “offers something unique for our communities to do,” Sergi said. From a business perspective, it promote the wine culture in the region, which she said is a very “family-oriented industry.” Rather than nurturing a “cutthroat business attitude,” regional winemakers are open-minded and eager to share ideas and help each other grow and promote the area as a whole, she said.

“Yes, we are competing against the local wineries, but it’s more of a community effort,” she said. “We’re very excited to see what the impact is going to be, especially this year.”

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RedHead Wine capitalizes on blended wine movement

"After earning her degree in 2015, the third-generation winemaker, at age 23, founded Youngstown, Ohio-based RedHead Wine in August 2016, serving as its chief executive officer (CEO), winemaker, marketer, spokesperson and more. Additionally, the red-headed entrepreneur also serves as chief operating officer (COO) L’uva Bella Winery.

In operation for 12 years, the third largest winery in Ohio offers many wines and wine styles from sweet, medium to barrel-aged dry, the company says. “Distribution of wines are in three states and the winemaking juices we produce are sold and distributed in over 15 states, mostly in the Northeastern United States,” the COO says.

RedHead and Purple Rain are among the well-known brands offered at the winery, which help to bolster sales of other labels, she adds."

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RedHead winemaker to address over three hundred high school students

"YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — More than 350 students from 13 high schools throughout the region are expected to attend Business 2020.

The YSU Williamson College of Business Administration, in conjunction with the Junior Achievement of the Mahoning Valley, will host the event, which features panel sessions on various aspects of business, including skill assessment and preparing for the job market, careers in business, and financial literacy...."

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Marisa Sergi, RedHead Winemaker, addresses 400 high school students