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"On today’s show, Marisa Sergi from RedHead Wine shares her story on how she has built a successful wine brand at the age of 19!

Sit back, open up a bottle 🍷, and listen as Marisa shares her incredible story.

After just 6 years from starting her wine label “RedHead Wine,” Marisa has worked hard and created an impressive path to success. She was recently featured as a guest speaker at Sky Sprout Summit and she was also invited to speak at Wal-Mart’s Open Call annual event!

On today’s show, Marisa shares about the challenges of marketing in a crowded food & beverage space where the competition is fierce. She shares her secrets on keeping her brand top of mind for her distributors and retailers.

Marisa has built an incredible following on multiple social media platforms. She shares about how integrity, honesty, and authenticity can have a tremendously powerful impact when sharing your story on social media.

Marisa’s skyrocketing success doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Because of her work ethic and how she always goes the extra mile for her distributors and retailers she was able to dramatically expand her local business, hire new people and get into even more markets than before. Her story is one to keep tabs on FOR SURE!"