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"When you sit back and watch someone do amazing things, you can’t help but share their story! That’s why I have to ask my friend, Marisa Sergi if she would let me interview her as a Sassy Girl Entrepreneur. {Because she pretty much fits exactly what a Sassy Girl Entrepreneur signifies} I first “officially” met Marisa when she attended one of my workshops and it didn’t take long to see the drive in the young woman. Since then, our friendship has grown and included many chats about life, love, business and of course, wine!"

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" Marisa Sergi is an incredible example of a strong, young, female entrepreneur in Cleveland. She has an immense passion for her company, RedHead Wine, and has an 100% hands on approach to her business. She has created everything from her own wine blend, to the label, and more. She also has an extremely active presence on social media and stays trendy with exciting Youtube videos, blog posts, Instagram posts, and tweets."

CharBenay’s Celebrates Opening Wednesday (Warren, OH)

"Downtown Development Group acquired the building, formerly owned by the city of Warren, via the Western Reserve Port Authority in February 2018. In May, Butcher set a mid-June target for opening, but weather this spring was “just awful,” impeding the renovation.

“We finally got a break in the weather and the guys worked really hard,” Butcher says.

“So much rain,” affirms Mark Marvin, owner of Downtown Development Group. Last week, his workers finally were able to pour the concrete for the 4,000-square-foot patio, 230 linear feet of which run along the bank of the Mahoning River.

“It’s been a long time coming,” says Marisa Sergi, chief financial officer at L’uva Bella Winery in Lowellville, which is producing the first eight private-label brands Butcher will serve at CharBenay’s. “Everyone has been working very hard to make every detail and, of course, the wine, to be excellent.”

Other than the challenges posed by the weather, the building was easy to work on, Marvin says. “It’s laid out perfectly,” he says, noting renovations costs were $150,000." Read more here:

Valley-made RedHead Wine expands Walmart offerings - WFMJ Today

"LOWELLVILLE, Ohio - Marisa Sergi has become almost the poster-child for entrepreneurship in the Valley, and her RedHead Wine brand is expanding its reach yet again.

She's only 25 but has big plans for what's next.

Whether it's putting in the work at her family's winery or showing off her own brand on social media, Sergi is always pushing toward what's next.

"My goal is really simple. As long as you're moving forward; it could be baby steps, it could be big steps, it's something that I want to strive for," said Sergi.

She created RedHead Wine at 19-years-old while she was still an undergrad at Cornell and it's been a steady climb ever since, especially after Walmart started carrying one of her varieties.

"Sometimes I feel like it's not even real because it's a dream come true," said Sergi. "I've been able to survive my year and a half test market with Walmart with RedHead red blend."

Now, Walmart is adding two more of her wines; the RedHead Rose' and Purple Rain concord, this one under her family's L'uva Bella label.

"We are so excited to be able to share our wines beyond Youngstown," said Marisa's mom, Ruth Sergi, who owns L'uva Bella Winery and Bistro in Lowellville. "We hope that we will attract out of towners to come visit us."

Everything is made at the warehouse at L'uva Bella. It is always a busy place, and that is only going to increase down the road.

"The more we grow, the more people we could hire locally," said Marisa Sergi.

The plan is to double or even triple the warehouse space in 2020, another part of the steady march forward for the 25-year old entrepreneur in an industry where that age-range is the exception, not the norm.

"It's all about the mindset," said Sergi. "You could be 40-years-old, you could be 21-years-old. It doesn't matter. As long as you have the determination and you put in the hard work, you could be successful at any point in your life."

That point of view and this success are two of the reasons she's become a hot commodity when it comes to speaking engagements. She'll be a featured speaker at the Walmart home office in June along with the SkySprout Summit in July.

"Everything's coming together. I still feel like it's too good to be true. Sometimes you only dream about opportunities like this, but when it's handed to you, it's just one of those moments where you need to take a deep breath and appreciate every moment," said Sergi.

Which in her case means taking a moment to stop and smell the Rose'.

You can learn more about Sergi and RedHead Wine on the company's website, or follow along on social media."

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Seeing red: This fast-growing wine company is run by a 25-year-old Clevelander

"Is it possible that the mere mention of free hot wings could alter one’s destiny? For Marisa Sergi, the answer to that question was a resounding “Yes.”

As a student at Cornell University studying enology and viticulture, Sergi had been developing a unique wine blend as her capstone project for graduation, but never imagined it would turn into a full-blown business. That all changed when Sergi got an email about a student entrepreneur organization's meeting offering free hot wings..."

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